Hong Kong Adventist Oncology Center

Strategic Collaboration between Hong Kong Integrated Oncology Centre (HKIOC) and Hong Kong Adventist Oncology Center (HKAOC)

to develop seamless multi-disciplinary cancer services in Hong Kong


HKIOC pioneers the offering of cancer services by introducing a seamless, multi-disciplinary day cancer center service model to Hong Kong. On the other hand, Hong Kong Adventist Hospital – Stubbs Road has been serving the Hong Kong community for decades with its extensive in-patient service experience and state-of-the-art radiotherapy facilities. Its Hong Kong Adventist Oncology Center, established in 2013, strives to offer every patient comprehensive treatment. From diagnosis to customized treatment solutions and rehabilitation, its professional medical team works closely with patients to take care of all their physical, psychological and emotional needs.

The strategic collaboration will fully maximize the synergistic effect of the two oncology centers in the following aspects:


(i)       A team of highly skilled multi-disciplinary medical professionals

Bringing together a team of multi-disciplinary medical experts to ensure patients get the best and seamless care available: 

  • Oncologists: with extensive experiences in treating different types of cancer, the team can provide patients with professional examination, diagnosis, treatment and post-treatment services;
  • Surgeons: to provide tailor-made surgical treatment options for cancer patients;
  • Radiologists: to make use of medical imaging technology to provide diagnosis and interventional therapy to patients;
  • Diagnostic Radiographers: to assist medical specialists and medical physicists to diagnose, monitor and tailor cancer treatment plan for patients by deploying different diagnostic technologies;
  • Medical Physicists: to carry out precise calculation of the radiation dosage, therapeutic range and treatment area according to the requirements of oncologists;
  • Oncology Nurses: to provide holistic patient care during cancer treatment, in particular during radiotherapy and chemotherapy, as well as providing necessary counselling and emotional support to patients and their caregivers;
  • Oncology Pharmacists / Clinical Pharmacists:to improve patient care through medication use and management of possible drug side effects ;
  • Dietitians:to provide professional advice on the diet of cancer patients with regard to their nutritional status;
  • Clinical Psychologists:to provide necessary psychological counselling and support to cancer patients and their caregivers;
  • Case Co-ordinators: to work closely with patients and their families, physicians, and other members of the healthcare team to assist patients to move from one phase of care to the next with support on administration and co-ordination work. 


(ii)       Providing seamless cancer treatment services to simplify patient flow

From cancer examination to treatment (including surgery, radiotherapy and medication), the integrated practice of the two oncology centers provides seamless cancer services in a thoughtfully designed environment.

Conveniently located in the heart of Central, HKIOC provides day cancer center service, including chemotherapy in an out-patient setting. On the other hand, HKAOC, housed at Hong Kong Adventist Hospital – Stubbs Road (HKAH SR) and equipped with advanced facilities and state-of-the-art radiotherapy, provides a comfortable environment for patient treatment and comprehensive inpatient services.

Moreover, referrals will be arranged for HKIOC patients who require radiotherapy, cancer-related in-patient or emergency hospital services at HKAOC.


(iii)       Maximization of Synergistic Effect

This collaboration will best combine the exceptional pool of talent, advanced and innovative cancer technologies at both centers to deliver a full array of diagnostic and treatment services to achieve optimal clinical outcomes for cancer patients. 


More information about HKAOC, please visit: https://www.hkah.org.hk/en/services/detail/id/66