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Hong Kong Integrated Oncology Centre – One-stop Cancer Treatment

Fighting against cancer is a long and painful journey that requires courage, strength and determination. There are countless obstacles along the way, from cancer diagnosis to receiving treatment, and from coping with side effects of treatment to getting back on one’s feet after recovery. As medical professionals, we understand that statistical facts hardly do justice to what cancer patients have been through during their battle against cancer. Here at the Hong Kong Integrated Oncology Centre (HKIOC), cancer patients are not alone in this battle and we will offer all kinds of support that help them pass through this challenge.


Established in 2015, the Hong Kong Integrated Oncology Centre and the Hong Kong Integrated Diagnostic Imaging Centre have been dedicated to providing quality and holistic multidisciplinary specialist services for cancer diagnosis, treatment and wellness services. Since 2016, HKIOC has forged a strategic partnership with the Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Oncology Centre (HKAHOC), introducing the concept of daycare cancer treatment that entails integrated services across disciplines. Cancer patients could choose to receive treatment in HKIOC’s daycare centre at their convenience, and be referred to HKAHOC located in Stubbs Road if needed. With a range of state-of-the-art radiotherapy including TomoTherapy and Y-90 radioembolization, HKAHOC provides quality in-patient services and emergency hospital care.

Screening and Diagnosis

HKIOC has developed diversified medical assessment services, including screening, imaging/diagnosis and interventional assessment. Equipped with advanced equipment and extensive professional experience, we provide individuals with a better understanding of their health, empowering them to take a more proactive role in disease prevention, and assisting them to get timely treatment when needed.


The latest technologies include PET-CT, MRI, PET/CT-MRI, CT, 3D mammogram, ultrasound, X-Ray and blood tests.

Cancer treatment

Our multidisciplinary treatment services are delivered by a team of medical specialist professionals ranging from surgeons, oncologists, radiologists, pharmacists and oncology nurses to ensure professional medical opinions and treatment plans that meet your needs. When you visit us, you can expect total care and support – all of which will work to enhance your chance of surviving and ultimately, recovery.


For patients with early-stage cancer, surgery is usually one of the treatment options. For mid-and late-stage cancer patients with tumors that cannot be removed completely through surgery, they may need to consider other treatment approach, including radiotherapy, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, immunotherapy or hormones therapy. More groundbreaking therapies are being introduced from time to time to offer new hope to cancer patients.

Support and recovery

As Hong Kong’s pioneering private daycare center that provides clients with holistic and integrated treatment, we provide support to cancer patients along their cancer-fighting journey, from monitoring their nutrition, improving, relieving side effects, offering post-operative care to organising workshops for patients and their caregivers. We understand a holistic treatment is the perquisite for winning this battle, and by holistic we mean enhancing the well-being of a person in addition to curing physical illnesses.

Screening and Diagnosis

Cancer treatment

Multidisciplinary treatment

Daytime care

Personalised treatment


Support and recovery

Diet and nutrition

Clinical psychology services

Breast reconstruction

Scalp cooling

Cancer massage

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