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Hong Kong Integrated Diagnostic Imaging Centre

State-of-the-art medical imaging technologies

Our Promise.

To ensure timely and personalised care, our team of specialists, nurses, radiologists and technicians are well trained to ensure that your every visit is comfortable and satisfactory with guaranteed privacy.

About Us

The Hong Kong Integrated Diagnostic Imaging Centre (HKIDIC) provides a wide spectrum of medical screening, imaging/diagnostic and interventional services. By offering state-of-the-art equipment and the best expertise, we want to ensure our clients have the necessary measures to prevent illnesses and disease, and are able to receive prompt treatment and cure through early detection.

We aim to provide you with the best possible service to care for your health. To achieve this, we’ve set optimal standards to ensure timely, reliable and accurate diagnostics through continuous upgrades that keep up with the forefront of medical imaging technologies. These include Positron Emission Tomography–Computed Tomography (PET-CT), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Trimodality PET/CT-MRI, Computed Tomography (CT), Digital Subtraction Angiography (DSA), 3D Mammography/Tomosynthesis, Ultrasound, X-Ray and etc. Some of these have the distinction of being at the forefront of international technology in Hong Kong. They allow us to deliver high quality, fast, reliable and the most accurate diagnostic services possible.

Our Services.

PET-CT Learn More

Positron Emission Tomography–Computed Tomography (PET-CT)

MRI Control Room Learn More

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

CT Scan Control Room Learn More

Computed Tomography (CT)

3D Mammogram Learn More

3D Mammography

Prepare for Your First Visit

We look forward to assisting you with an individualised treatment plan. Our specialists will be able to devise a plan for you after a thorough assessment. For an appointment, please contact us to help you to schedule a time and date.

You can help us understand your condition better by preparing the following documents:

  • MRI, Ultrasound, X-Ray, CT Scan, Nuclear Medicine Films and Reports
  • Medical History and Reports
  • Records, Slides, Reports on Original Pathology
  • Health and Insurance Cards
  • Tumour Marker Reports
  • Complete Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy Reports
  • To-Date Laboratory Tests and Reports
  • Medical Progress Notes
  • Current Medications and Supplements
  • Allergy Tests and Reports
  • Other documents and evidence relevant to your condition

Location and Environment

Address: 3/F, Champion Tower, 3 Garden Road, Central, Hong Kong

Tel: (852) 3700 6800


Consultation hours:

Monday to Friday: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Saturday: 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Sunday and Public Holiday: Closed

Contact us

Have questions? We're happy to help. Send us a message below and our representative will get back to you within the next 3 working days.

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