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Hong Kong Adventist Brain Center gathers neurosurgery and clinical oncology specialist doctors, a team of experienced diagnostic and therapeutic radiographers, specialty nurses and multidisciplinary team of experts provide a comprehensive, integrated and efficient programme with wellness and rehabilitation therapy. We aim to provide a one-stop integrated service and comprehensive specialised care to brain tumor patients who require urgent care.

Treatment Range

We offer excellent minimally invasive and traditional surgical, medical and radiotherapy treatments for brain tumors (including but not limited to benign and malignant tumours, including glioma, meningioma, neurilemomma, pituitary tumor, pineal tumour and metastatic tumours etc), and other neurological illnesses.

Center Features


We are Hong Kong’s first one-stop diagnosis and treatment, interdisciplinary servicing center for brain tumors. Patients can arrange to see a neurosurgeon and an oncologist together for their first consultation, helping to create an accurate treatment plan. The doctors will determine which specialist shall be responsible depending on the patient’s condition, helping the patient determine the best treatment modality (which can be surgery, medicine (chemotherapy) or radiotherapy and the proposed treatment plan. Preassigned staff will help the patient to reserve appointments with specialist doctors, diagnostic imaging, and other treatment arrangements; minimizing time and energy spent, and fully-utilizing the best treatment period.

One-stop interdisciplinary treatments

Same day consultations at the earliest

Same day diagnostic imaging at the earliest

Seamless Care Plan

Professional Medical Team and Equipment

  • Neurosurgeons
  • Clinical Oncologists
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic radiographers
  • Specialty nurses
  • Lifestyle Management Center
  • Physiotherapists



Dr. Dawson Fong


Dr. Hung Wai Man


Dr. Derek Wong


Dr. Wong Yuk Wing Larry

Clinical Oncologists

Dr. Cheung Foon Yiu

Dr. Cheung Foon Yiu

Dr. Peter So

Dr. Peter So

Dr. Tsang Wai Kong, Maverick

Dr. Tsang Wai Kong, Maverick

Dr. Chan Siu Hong, Oscar

Dr. Chan Siu Hong, Oscar

Dr. Wong Lai San, Cindy

Dr. Wong Lai San, Cindy

Dr. Au Siu Kie

Dr. Au Siu Kie

Dr. Choy Tim Shing

Dr. Choy Tim Shing

Dr. Kwong Wai Kay, Philip

Dr. Kwong Wai Kay, Philip


Dr. Cheung Ming Chee, Michael

Surgical Equipment

The center’s operating rooms are well-equipped with advanced and well-tuned devices: such as HD microscopes, stereotaxy neuro-navigation, minimally-invasive brain endoscopes, and the only hybrid catheterization and intervention operating room in Hong Kong; all of the above to provide intervention treatment, minimally-invasive neurosurgeries and complex brain surgeries.

Diagnostic Imaging

aoc mri

The center contains the full set of imaging apparatus, for example CT Scan, 3T MRI and PET-CT machines. At the earliest we can arrange patients to undergo CT Scan, 3T MRI, ultrasound and other imaging assessments, while PET-CT imaging can be arranged the next day.

Radiation Therapy

In terms of radiation therapy we have the highly accurate Tomotherapy, and LINAC available.

Drugs and Other New Technology

aoc chemo area

Provide a full range of drugs target to brain tumor treatment. Latest Chemotherapy, Target Therapy and Immunotherapy drugs are available. And we also provide Tumor Treating Fields (TTF) and other supporting treatments.


Booking / Enquiries

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Address:40 Stubbs Rd, Happy Valley
WeChat:HKIOC_ (Hong Kong Integrated Oncology Centre)