• 4/F., Champion Tower, 3 Garden Road, Central, Hong Kong
  • Unit. 1908-09, 19/F, Mira Place Tower A, 132 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

In response to outbreak of novel coronavirus, our centers have implemented below protective measures for the Emergency Response Level Infection Control. All patients, companions and visitors, please follow instructions below before you enter our centers.

  • Wear masks and clean your hands.
  • Temperature check at Triage of Main Entrance for every patient, companion and visitor. According to the guidelines of Hong Kong Government and Department of Health, if you have visited an overseas territory in the past 14 days, you shall stay at home or other accommodation for a 14 days compulsory quarantine. We will help you to re-schedule the consultation date.
  • Patient / companion or visitor identified with fever are not allowed to enter our clinic. We will follow Center of Health Protection and Department of Health’s guidelines in sending the said patient to government hospital for further follow up.
  • Only ONE companion is allowed to accompany the patient where the companion must prepare mask for his/her own use. Patient or companion fails to comply to our preventive measures will be prohibited to enter our center.

We will continue to monitor the virus situation closely and make the necessary adjustments.