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HKIOC Daycare Medical Cente

We understand support from family members is of utmost importance to cancer patients. Therefore, we introduce the Ambulatory Care Centre model, allowing our patients to recover in the comfort of their own home and spend more time with their family members.

Thanks to advances in medical techniques and technology, many treatments, such as hanging infusional chemotherapy and immunotherapy can be done as outpatient care. Some of the targeted therapies are even given in the form of pills and capsules which our patients can swallow, eliminating the inconvenience to stay overnight in the hospital. At the same time, there are increasingly more insurance products covering outpatient care, which help lessen patients’ burden of medical expenses and allow them to focus on getting well.

In fact, the concept of private Ambulatory Care Centres is well established in the USA and some of the developed countries. Numerous research has shown that Ambulatory Care Centre can better improve patients’ quality of life compared to traditional hospital settings. In addition, since Ambulatory Care Centres typically focus on a select type of patients and procedures at a high volume, this creates efficiencies and enables lower-priced packages to patients.

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