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Multidisciplinary Treatment by HKIOC Medical Oncologist

With concerted efforts of our highly skilled multi-disciplinary medical professionals, every of our patients can receive the most comprehensive and appropriate treatment recommendations.

Given the complexities of multimodality treatment for patients with cancer, patients under traditional hospital settings often need to travel back and forth to meet medical professionals of different disciplines. Even if patients encounter questions during the treatment, they may not be able to receive timely feedback due to the process of referral. Not only wasting time and efforts, patients also bear tremendous pressure during the wait.

In view of this, we bring together a panel of oncology specialists, surgical specialists, internal medicine specialists, gynaecology specialists, radiation oncology specialists, oncology pharmacists and specialist nurses, clinical psychologists and nutritionists, offering patients and their family members seamless cancer services and the most comprehensive recommendations.

Besides saving time and efforts, multidisciplinary tumor board assessment can also improve treatment efficacy. Taking ureteral cancer as an example, through multidisciplinary approach, surgical specialists and radiation oncology specialists can collaborate and define patients’ optimal treatment strategies upon discussion on patients’ medical examination results and health profile. Side effects can be reduced by effectively controlling the exposure to patients during radiotherapy.

strategic partnership with adventist oncology centre

Strategic Collaboration

In response to the high demand of radiotherapy and cancer-related in-patient hospital services, Hong Kong Integrated Oncology Centre (HKIOC) and Hong Kong Adventist Oncology Center (HKAOC) joined hands to form the Strategic Collaboration Party in 2016.

HKAOC, established in 2013, strives to offer every patient comprehensive treatment. From diagnosis to customized treatment solutions and rehabilitation, its professional medical team works closely with patients to take care of all their physical, psychological and emotional needs.

The strategic collaboration brings together a team of multi-disciplinary medical experts to ensure patients get the best and seamless care available.

A team of highly skilled multidisciplinary medical professionals

With extensive experiences in treating different types of cancer, the team can provide patients with professional examination, diagnosis, treatment and post-treatment services

To provide tailor-made surgical treatment options for cancer patients

To make use of medical imaging technology to provide diagnosis and interventional therapy to patients

To assist medical specialists and medical physicists to diagnose, monitor and tailor cancer treatment plan for patients by deploying different diagnostic technologies

To carry out precise calculation of the radiation dosage, therapeutic range and treatment area according to the requirements of oncologists

To provide holistic patient care during cancer treatment, in particular during radiotherapy and chemotherapy, as well as providing necessary counselling and emotional support to patients and their caregivers

To improve patient care through medication use and management of possible drug side effects

To provide professional advice on the diet of cancer patients with regard to their nutritional status

To provide necessary psychological counselling and support to cancer patients and their caregivers

To work closely with patients and their families, physicians, and other members of the healthcare team to assist patients to move from one phase of care to the next with support on administration and co-ordination work

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