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Breast Prosthesis

Look Good. Feel Better

Is breast reconstruction just about aesthetic appearance?

Recovering from cancer does not mean a patient can emerge from the shadow of illness. According to overseas research, over a third of cancer survivors were still struggling with side-effects brought about by treatment two years after the illness. They also presented with psychological complaints such as depression and anxiety.

Many people think cancer survivors can resume normal living once the latter get rid of the tumor. However, it takes considerable time and support for patients, especially for breast cancer survivors, to emerge from the shadow of the illness.

The appearance of breast cancer patients will be affected by surgery that removes part or the whole affected breast. Sudden change in appearance brought about by illness may result in psychological pressure that affects a patient’s self-esteem. Studies have found that physical health is positively related to mental health in patients. Therefore addressing their psychological needs as soon as possible can mitigate the negative impact arose from mood problems. Breast reconstruction can help patients to rebuild self-esteem while reducing the discomfort brought about by surgery.

1. Rebuilding self-esteem and confidence

2. The weights of breast prosthesis and the healthy breast are similar to maintain body balance

3. Relieving pain, numbness and stiffness in back and shoulder

Comfortable for

Wearing to

Regain Confidence

Tailor-made to ensure comfortable for wearing

Good air permeability that allows the skin to breath

Natural appearance

Light materials for easy wearing

Easy to adjust according to user’s preference

Contact us

A series of breast prostheses and pocket mastectomy bras are available at Hong Kong Integrated Oncology Centre for patients in need. You can arrange with us professional fitters recognized by American Breast Care to undergo mastectomy fitting and select the product that most suits your needs. For enquiries, please message us or call us +852 6468 5836.


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