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Breast Reconstruction

Look Good. Feel Better

Breast reconstruction – solely for aesthetics?

Long-term treatment-induced side effects are daunting and unpleasant. Over a third of cancer survivors report psychological struggles even two years post-treatment (add second citation). Complications are shown cause symptoms of anxiety and depression, as well as worsened health outcomes (Gopie, Timman, Hilhorst et al, 2013).

More women than ever are surviving breast cancer. Breast cancer treatment may involve the surgical removal of the specific area of cancer from the breast, or the total removal of one or both breasts. Unfortunately, such cancer treatment can result severe body disfigurement, as well muscle weakness, tightness and pain in the upper body.

We understand that the long-term prospects of living without a breast or part of one can be a life-altering and devastating process. Some women may experience pain and discomfort after breast cancer surgery. For others, drastic changes in physical appearance from surgery can give rise to immense psychological distress.
As such, some women choose to have reconstructive breast surgery. There are many reasons why breast reconstruction surgery can be a positive step after breast cancer treatment:

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1. Restoring a sense of self-esteem and confidence;

2. Achieving breast symmetry and normalcy;

3. Relieving pain and stiffness in back and shoulder areas.

Breast Prosthetics:

An Alternative to


Custom-made options

Good air permeability

Natural appearance

Lightweight model

Easy to adjust

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